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2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast

The Burch Design Studio presents its 2024 Color Forecast, a creative exploration of the transformative power of color in interiors. This year, they examine five unique palettes through the contrasting lenses of minimalism and maximalism, challenging your perception of how color can shape our spaces, influence our moods, and reflect our personalities.
Minimalism’s principle states less is more - and the adage that true luxury does not equate to opulence but instead embraces timelessness in every part of its design. By carefully curating each element within a space, you are embracing the elegance of simplicity. The Quiet Luxury and Montauk palettes provide excellent examples of this minimalist aesthetic.
Maximalism is for those who believe in making a statement and living life in high definition. This aesthetic champions a bold and unapologetic celebration of vibrant color and daring design. Refer to Tutti Fruitti, Shangri-La, and Dark Academia for a master class on using color as the main character in your space.
Whether you find beauty in restraint or think there’s no such thing as too much color, Burch’s 2024 Color Forecast is poised to inspire and influence your design choices for the year ahead.

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2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast Tutti Fruitti.jpg
2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast Quiet Luxury.jpg
2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast Shangri La.jpg
2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast Dark Academia.jpg
2024 Burch Color Trend Forecast Montauk.jpg
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